Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my item?  

If you have purchased a Hyperli voucher and redeemed the voucher on a merchant’s website:

You will need to contact the merchant directly to query the whereabouts of your order. Contact details can be found in the Fine Print on your Hyperli voucher. Before contacting the merchant, please ensure that the voucher has been redeemed and the delivery window has elapsed.

If you have purchased the item and delivery have been arranged by Hyperli (you have not placed a separate order using a Hyperli voucher):

Delivery details can be found on the deal's Fine Print.

NB- If you are expecting more than one item. It may arrive separately due to it being delivered directly from the supplier.

  Where is my Voucher?

To find your Hyperli vouchers go to, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen to access My account. Click “View Voucher” next to the Hyperli you want to use. This will display your Hyperli which you can print. You'll see the instructions for using your Hyperli in the fine print section.

   How do I use my Voucher?

All instructions will be listed under the fine print of the deal, so read it carefully.

 Mobile App

Hyperli has not yet launched a mobile App intended for customer purchases yet, this is something that will be launched soon. Once this is available all customers will be notified.

 The checkout page won't accept my address.

Try entering a different shipping address on the checkout page if our system won't recognise the one you're trying to use (e.g. your work address, a friend's address). If you live somewhere without a house number, please enter 1 or 0, just as a placeholder. NB - Your address must coincide with Google maps.

 have questions about the deal or business.

You can find all the information about the deal on the original deal page where you bought your Voucher, or on the Voucher itself. If your question is about the partner business, the quickest and easiest way to find answers is usually to contact them directly, as they tend to have the most accurate information about their own services. You can find contact details and/or a web address on the voucher or under the map on the deal page.

 The website won't accept my payment.

If you can't get your payment to go through, and you're sure you've input all your details correctly, it may be that your card provider has put a block on internet transactions or that there's a problem with your card. You might want to try using an alternative method of payment, or a different credit or cheque card. Contact needs to be made with the provider to ensure cards are active for online shopping. 

 Change location (Search Function).

We strongly recommend our customers to only use Google Chrome when browsing the Hyperli website, as well as when attempting to buy any Hyperli offers deals nationwide. All you will need to do, is select the insert your area in the search bar and a variety of deals will populate. 

 When changing your location online, the following will occur: 

*You will notice that when typing in Cape Town/any area, a drop down menu will populate.  
*You can select your desired location from the options that pop up (i.e. Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)  
*This will then load deals specific to that location. 

Remember - without selecting your desired location, the change won't be successful 

 How do I buy the deal I want?

From your Homepage: Login to your Hyperli Account (if you are a first-time buyer and do not have an Hyperli Account click

Select the Deal you want and click buy now, you will be directed to the payment page

On Payments Page please review your order, select the quantity and choose your payment method. You can either pay using your credit card, snapscan or EFT pro.

 Payment Methods.


To pay by EFT Pro on your checkout page and selects their bank. They are redirected to the online banking login screen and are prompted to login with their online banking credentials.

Select your bank and a reference will auto populate. A one-time pin will be sent to confirm payment.

Once the successful electronic funds transfer is made, you will receive an instant notification that the payment has been successful and the goods are released immediately.

What is EFT Pro?

*EFT Pro is a payment method that takes the hassle out of EFT payments.
*EFT Pro facilitates your online banking EFT process and enables your order status to be updated immediately.

Is EFT Pro secure?

*This is a secure payment method. EFT Pro has encryption certificates which gives our payment processing service an extremely high level of security.

How are my bank details kept safe?

When paying using EFT Pro, the communication between you and your bank occurs as it normally would. EFT Pro merely facilitates the transaction between you and the merchant.

EFT Pro does not store any online banking login details.


Open Snapscan and use your phone’s camera to scan the SnapCode displayed at the checkout or on your bill.

Pay. Enter the amount you want to pay and confirm payment with your 4-digit PIN

Go! That’s it. You’re done! Make sure the merchant has received proof of payment.

Debit card

When using your debit card, it is often necessary to provide a pin code which can prove a challenge when trying to purchase items online. However, there are payment gateways that allow for the use of debit cards – consumers should, however, check the site before proceeding with payment. If you are an entrepreneur, it is important to know that when a consumer uses a debit card for a transaction, it is the closest thing to an actual cash transaction, and often has lower transactional fees than when using credit cards.

Credit card

When making credit card payments, it is important to take note of the fact that payments are often not processed immediately and can take up to 72 hours to go through to the merchant. Credit card payments also often command higher transactional fees that are to be paid by the merchant, and can result in more expensive merchandise to cover the additional fees.  

Regardless of the type of card that you choose to use when shopping online, it is important to ensure that you only shop from retailers that boast a reliable and secure payment gateway. If you do not ensure that you are buying products from a reliable source, you risk the chance of credit card fraud. Finding an online store that offers secure payments should be as important as finding the item for which you are searching.

3D Secure

3D Secure is a new method of security mandated by the Visa and Mastercard Associations and managed by South African banks to enhance security of online transactions. 3D Secure provides an extra layer of security by requiring that the cardholder submits a second level of authentication when shopping online. Mastercard’s product is called ‘SecureCode’ and Visa’s product is called ‘Verified by Visa’.