Treehouse River Lodge

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Treehouse River Lodge

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  • Address: Mr551 Rd, Shongweni Resource Reserve, Treehouse River Lodge, Outer West Durban, Durban, 0000, South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal

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Ayesha Siddiqa9 months ago

I was not happy with the "condition" of the hut and they service received. The thatch is very dusty with alot of geckos. Gecko poop everywhere, including on the linen. Linen was not clean and I found a big worm under the duvet. The room and bedding had...

Dideray Venter1 year ago

I was not happy with the "condition" of the hut - the thatch is not in a very bad condition, very dusty.
We had gecko poop on the bed..

the shower wasn't running out, my husband had to unclog the drain :(
The kids (if I took them along) would have had...